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Piano Tuning and Repair

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Piano Tuning = $75

Dear Piano Owner,

Your piano will be singing again with a fresh tuning!

As a pianist, performing musician, music educator, piano owner, tuner, and technician, I have discerning ears and leave the piano sounding rich, even, clear, and full.

I tune pianos aurally, i.e. by ear, starting with a tuning fork. Tuning pianos is an art that is part scientific, part mechanical, and all listening. No piano is exactly like any other and each instrument has it's own unique tonal qualities and characteristics.

A piano tuning appointment is scheduled at a convenient time for both parties. A thorough tuning and inspection of the piano lasts approximately three hours, sometimes a little more or less.

If your piano is new or has not been tuned in many years, a pitch raise may be needed. This involves a preliminary tuning to bring the piano strings to proper tension followed by a fine tuning. Not every piano needs this and there is no extra charge for a single pitch raise.

How often should my piano be tuned?
It is recommend to have your piano tuned at least once a year. Generally after a year, any piano will benefit from tuning. If it is played a lot, have it tuned more often. A practical rule is to have it tuned when it sounds out of tune to you or another musician.

Piano Repair and Regulation
Mechanical issues with the piano, if there are any, are assessed during the initial tuning visit. Sometimes a sticky key or two just needs a little attention! I can handle most aspects of piano repair and regulation.
  • Action Regulation and Repair
  • String Replacement
  • Key Regulation and Repair
  • Pedal Regulation and Repair
  • On-Site Piano Cleaning
  • Full Restoration
  • Piano Evaluation
Thank you,

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